How We Work

Our procedure is simple.

  • Call or send us an e-mail, indicating your date, location and needs. Your query will receive our prompt attention.
  • Talk with us to plan your menu in as little as 5 minutes, or longer if you wish a more detailed discussion of your preferences.
  • Read e-mail from us with your final menu and price quote.
  • Click on reply to agree. (If, after this step, you need to make changes to your order, Lucy’s Mom will cheerfully accommodate you to the greatest possible extent.)
  • We shop for groceries, prepare and package your dinner in labeled, easy-to-handle containers, with a menu and no-fuss reheating instructions.

Whether it’s comforting fare for family dining, a regime to support special health goals, or a festive dinner for guests, your order is prepared solely for you from fresh ingredients. When the occasion requires it, we provide a staff of experienced servers and bartenders.