Elatia Harris is not only a superb cook, she is also extremely knowledgeable about food and entertaining. She has provided the food for several graduation and book parties I have given, and has become a wonderful friend in the process. Picture tender poached salmon with sorrel sauce for fifty people, side dishes to die for and a dessert she learned about in a spa in Montecatini. Or how about a buffet of semi-Indian fusion food? And I haven't even mentioned the special chicken soup she made when I was sick... All out of this world...

Thalassa Scholl in Boston

Online, on site and on the phone, Elatia has helped me give countless successful dinner parties. Her suggestions are expert, practical, and imaginative. She is not only a brilliant cook and planner, but a caring, delightful and unique person.

Katharine Beckwith in San Francisco

Apart from how talented she is as a cook, what we value most about Elatia is her complete reliability, her flexibility in meeting our needs, and her genuine caring for our health and eating enjoyment. Cooking for us means avoiding many normal ingredients that contain allergens, yet consistently producing dinners that are delicious, varied and utterly satisfying. No one would ever guess that there are significant restrictions on what can be served. We could not be more pleased.

Dick & Laura in Cambridge

My husband and I thought that we were doomed to a life of unhealthy eating – but then we discovered Lucy’s Mom. Instead of take out, we came home to tasty balanced meals that had miraculously appeared in our refrigerator and that we could easily heat up when we were ready for dinner. No more waiting for that delivery to arrive!

Theresa Hamacher in Cambridge

Last spring, with a new baby and an auction benefiting a favorite cause to run, I knew that something had to give. So I turned family dining entirely over to Lucy’s Mom. The dinners we got were prepared with complete attention to our tastes as well as to our health goals, and kept all of us -- adults and young children alike -- happily and beautifully fed until I could get back on the job.

Kate Chertavian in Cambridge

Lucy’s Mom provides our guests with magnificent fresh dinners, intelligently planned and easy as can be to serve. One Thanksgiving when my husband was too ill for me to give time to cooking, Elatia brought us a fabulous dinner for six, enabling us to go ahead with our family holiday at home. A lifesaver!

Sallie in Cambridge

Our family would like a subscription to chicken soup from Lucy’s Mom, to her green curry of prawns, salmon with mango salsa, and risotto with herbs, too. We’re semi-vegetarian, with one child who’s an adventurous eater and another who’s more conservative. We can all agree, however, on the importance of sitting down together to a good dinner, and that’s what Lucy’s Mom made possible for us.

Cindy, Mark, Noah & Mira in Cambridge

Imagine the relief and surprise of our apprehensive guests when, at our last neighborhood party, they discovered (instead of the usual chips, dip and cheese plates) a varied and delicious Tex-Mex buffet. At a book party we hosted for a dear friend, guests dined on savory Kashmiri dishes rather than the previously mentioned chips and dip. Elatia's latest contribution to our culinary rep was a family birthday dinner – a glorious Chicken Vindaloo with all the trimmings. Once again, her food helped to create the festive atmosphere we desired and gave us all great pleasure. Knowing that Elatia is near almost gives us the heart to throw another party!

Ann & Frank in Cambridge

Years ago, when I tasted Elatia’s superb cooking for the first time, I wanted to persuade her to be my own full-time private chef. And that’s still what I want.

Bob in Ft. Worth, TX